Essences take flight in the UK

Grey Goose RTDs will land this June.

FRENCH vodka brand Grey Goose will enter the RTD category this summer, as part of a wider launch for its new Essences range.

The Grey Goose Essences range will initially launch this month with a range of three 30% ABV vodka-based drinks.

Grey Goose’s new range comprises three flavours: Strawberry & Lemongrass, White Peach & Rosemary, and Watermelon & Basil.

The vodka brand will also launch Grey Goose Essences in an 250ml can. Watermelon & Basil and Strawberry & Lemongrass variants will be available from June, at 4.5% ABV. Each RTD can boasts just 79 calories per 250ml serving.

Martin de Dreuille, global marketing vice president for Grey Goose, said: “We are beyond thrilled to debut Grey Goose Essences.

“Spritzes and drinks featuring botanicals have been growing trends, and with consumers increasingly trying their hand at mixology, we knew there was an exciting opportunity to create a distinctive drink using real fruit essences that would take the guesswork out of mixing light tasting and delicious cocktails at home.”