Plant-based packs

CCEP has researched plant packs.
CCEP has researched plant packs.

COCA-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has shared its vision of the future with its new plant-based bottle concept.

The soft drinks company reckons its new bottle concept will be the next step forward in reducing carbon emissions.

Julian Hunt, VP for public affairs at CCEP, said: “The new plant-based bottle, for now, is just a concept that we’re trying to do to prove that we can make PET bottles solely from materials derived from plants and not from fossil fuels but it is a long way off from being commercialised.”

Hunt added that CCEP’s ongoing work on plant-based should stand the firm in good stead as it pursues higher sustainability standards in the future.
He said: “In our vision of thinking about the future of a PET bottle, we think it will have up to 70%-80% recycled plastic but then we’ll need to have newer, fresher material in there to get the quality and performance.
“That’s where something like plastic derived from non-fossil fuels might play an important role.”