Tucking in to local cheeses

Cheese platter
Shutterstock/ Medvedeva Oxana

COLSTON Basset Dairy reckons consumers will seek out local cheese this Christmas, and the firm said its British range will appeal to shoppers.

The cheesemaker highlighted its local heritage as a key sales driver for the festive season. Colston Basset is one of just five dairies in the UK with a licence to produce Blue Stilton cheese.

Billy Kevan, chief executive at Colston Basset Dairy, said: “Being one of the smallest established PDO makers of Stilton cheese we try and prepare as early as possible for Christmas to ensure we meet demand.”

Colston reckons Christmas will herald a strong performance for ‘grown-up’, indulgent and foodie gifting options as it did last year, and he recommended retailers include some gifting packs in their range.

He said: “This is where products which are great gifting options will be a smart stocking decision for retailers, some shoppers will want to go all out to make up for last year – expensive Champagne, the finest cheese and chocolates, the lot.

“Colston Basset Stilton gifts well with accompaniements such as a nice bottle of wine, cheese biscuits, luxury chutneys and relishes, giving a complete cheese experience.”