Demand for Low Calorie

Research reveals snack trend

HEALTHIER options are high on the agenda, even when it comes to snacking, according to Graze.

Pia Villa, chief brand officer for Graze, which offers a range of healthier snack bars, highlighted research that revealed a high proportion of consumers are seeking out lower-calorie alternatives.

Research carried out by Graze earlier this year found that 42% of consumers claim they are willing to, or will probably pay more for, healthier snacks. The brand’s research also found that 58% of consumers either always, “or sometimes”, looking at the number of calories on snacking products.

Villa said: “In recent months, we’ve seen a shift in attitudes with consumers moving away from indulgence as they started to refocus on their health, which presents a real opportunity for the healthy snacking category.

“With Graze, shoppers can enjoy a variety of delicious, portion-controlled sweet and savoury snacks.”