Showing how the pro does it

A glimpse of how star hones his skill

Consumers can win the chance to train with England star, Trent Alexander-Arnold

RED Bull has recruited Liverpool and England footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold for its Red Bull Pro campaign.

As part of the campaign, Alexander-Arnold will give a glimpse of how he trains.

He will also feature on Red Bull Energy, Red Bull Sugarfree and Red Bull Zero 250ml cans in plain and price-marked variations.

To participate in the campaign, consumers will be directed to a website via a barcode on Red Bull Pro cans.

Through this they will be able to take part in a game and earn the chance to win time training with Trent. The campaign is the first consumer promotion to feature Red Bull Energy Drink and Sugar Free 8-packs and 12-packs.

A spokesperson said: “Red Bull has seen multipacks grow at a pace of 38%, with energy drink single packs up by 23.9% and sugarfree/zero variants growing by 20.7% as shoppers continue to spend more stocking up at home, whilst returning to prior on the go purchases.”

The spokesperson went on to say that functional energy is a category on the way up due to shopper demand, with the   sports and energy category’s 19.0% growth outstripping the total soft drinks category’s modest growth of 5.9%.