Watch out for prickly heat

New cactus flavour for the summer

Red Bull summer edition
Red Bull hopes the eye-catching green cans will stand out on shelves

RED Bull has unveiled its latest seasonal limited edition release – this time taking flavour straight from the desert.

Launched last month, this year’s Red Bull Summer Edition sees the brand add some cactus fruit flavour to its energy offer.

Available for a limited time only, the cactus flavoured Red Bull is packaged in a bright green 250ml can.

Red Bull described the limited edition flavour as offering “an invigorating burst of berry that blooms into an exotic fruit and violet flower taste.”

Support for the launch of Red Bull Summer Edition comes in the shape of a comprehensive in-store marketing campaign.

The launch follows the release of a watermelon flavoured Red Bull Summer Edition last year.
A spokesperson for Red Bull said: “This new Red Bull Edition is an exciting addition to Red Bull’s product range and aims to drive more growth of flavours in the sports and energy category.

“Red Bull Summer Edition is set to land well with new shoppers whilst exciting existing shoppers, with its initial bright profile and stand out green can drawing shelf attention.

“Red Bull Summer Edition in 2020 proved so popular with shoppers that it has now become a permanent SKU known as the Red Edition.

“Following this success, the new cactus fruit Summer Edition will continue to drive category growth within sports and energy, whilst satisfying energy drink consumers who would try a tropical fruit flavour.

“Shoppers are buying Red Bull Editions more frequently with average frequency double its rate a year ago.”