Chocolate biscuits with zero guilt

HEALTH may not be the first word that springs to mind when you think of chocolate, but Gullón’s new sugar-free biscuit could help with that.

Zeroh! Chocolate Digestives are palm oil free, low in salt, high in fibre and made with sunflower oil.

Surb Kaur, sales director at Gullón, said: “Retailers are seeing a growing demand for low sugar, fibre rich products from consumers who are looking for a sweet treat but without the guilt trip.

“Our biscuits are a treat, but baking them without sugar and with good fats means that they are a healthier more wholesome alternative to the traditional biscuit.

“Last year we saw our sales increase by 37% as more consumers tried our products and came back for more. Our repeat sales are high and we believe this is down to the superb quality of the biscuits, and the fact that once consumers have tried them they start to love the taste and don’t miss the sugar.”

Zeroh! Chocolate Digestives are available through wholesale channels.