Big efficiency savings

JW Filshill invests six-figure sum on five energy-efficient lorries

JW Filshill trucks
Filshill has introduced incentives for drivers in a bid to lower emissions.

GLASGOW-based wholesaler JW Filshill has invested over half a million pounds on a new, eco-friendly fleet of vehicles.

The firm has invested in the region of £600,000 on five bespoke vehicles – three 18-tonne and two 26-tonne lorries – all of which are more fuel-efficient than the wholesaler’s older trucks.

Filshill’s new lorries are also one foot lower than its existing fleet vehicles, making them more energy efficient through reduced air resistance.

Filshill has also introduced incentives for drivers to encourage them to achieve higher mileage per gallon. Trucks are fitted with OptiDrive vehicle technology which measures 12 operational parameters, such as breaking, steering and revving, to help drivers lower fuel consumption, reducing emissions in the process.

Stuart MacKenzie, senior operations manager in charge of logistics at JW Filshill said: “We are increasing our fleet and replacing older vehicles and have worked with Motus Commercials DAF at Cumbernauld to tailor these new trucks to match our exact needs.

“Another trusted partner, Tekbo in Clydebank, has designed and manufactured the body work.”