Pack proclaims snacks sin free

Range revamp for Metcalfe’s packs

Metcalfe’s has overhauled its packs

CONSUMERS stocking up for movie night might give Metcalfe’s popcorn a second look, thanks to a brand revamp.

Metcalfe’s has revamped packaging across its entire Popcorn, Jumbles and Ricecakes range.

The new packs feature angel and devil characters, a design choice intended to signal to shoppers that they can enjoy a snack without feeling guilty.

Metcalfe’s new packaging is rolling out now, with support from a digital advertising campaign.

The new packs are available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons as well as impulse channels.

The new look packs feature an angel and a devil

Sarah Henden, brand manager at Metcalfe’s said: “The crisps and nuts and bagged snacks category has evolved significantly over the last few years.

“As one of the original popcorn brands and the innovators of sweet ‘n salt, it felt only right that Metcalfe’s should lead this change with a brand rejuvenation designed to make it easier and more satisfying for consumers to enjoy tasty snacks they can feel good about eating.

“We’ve already had fantastic feedback since our new packs have started appearing in store and we’re confident that with our new positioning, standout pack design and future plans, we’ll bring growth and excitement to the snacks aisle.”