Rolling on the river

riverstone-combi-pouchEXISTING adult smokers looking for everything in one place can get it all from the latest NPD under the Riverstone brand.

Imperial Tobacco has launched a new combi pouch format, which includes 30g of tobacco, 60 papers and 60 filters.

The new Riverstone Combi Pouch pack is priced at £11 RRP. Imperial Tobacco has claimed that Riverstone is “one of the fastest growing tobacco brands on the market”, and the firm highlighted figures for the ‘economy’ RYO segment, which show it now accounts for a 45% of fine cut tobacco sales, compared to 38.3% last year.

Chris Street, UK market manager at Imperial Tobacco said: “Our research shows that the handy box formats currently available on the market tend to compress the tobacco inside, making it difficult to separate and roll.

“We are addressing this issue head on with the launch of our new combi pouch solution.

“As the first brand to bring to market such an innovative packaging solution, we’re confident this latest launch for Riverstone will attract even more interest and sales from adult smokers looking for great quality roll your own tobacco at an affordable price.”