Tobacco accessories performing well as more smokers use roll your own

Nothing slim about growth

Tobacco accessories in Scotland are in value growth

TOBACCO accessories are outperforming the total tobacco market, as more existing adult smokers decide to roll their own.

Cigarette prices in the UK are high, far higher than on the continent, with only oil rich Norway charging more for a pack.

One tactic employed by existing adult smokers is to switch to roll your own, which will tend to offer far better value than even the cheapest factory made packs.

Gavin Anderson, general sales manager at Republic Technologies – the firm behind Swan and Zig-Zag – recognised that fortunes have been improving for accessories brands.

“Providing better value for money than cigarettes, which is a key consideration for the rising number of roll-your-own smokers, Scotland’s £30m tobacco accessories sector continues to outperform the total tobacco market.

“Tobacco accessories in Scotland are growing in value by 8% year on year, with filters leading the way, up 11.6%.

“Papers are also in strong growth, up 6.3% year on year,” he said.


Competitive pricing, quality products and a broad variety of choice are all key to the success of roll your own, Anderson said, but there is also a ritualistic element that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

“Many people also like the ritual and tactile aspect of rolling cigarettes, which for some has the added benefit of reducing consumption as it means smoking becomes less instant,” he said.

Existing adult smokers aren’t just using roll your own to cut down, there are also those who are interested in the environmental credentials of new products coming to market, according to Anderson.

“Environmental considerations are also impacting on Scotland’s tobacco accessories market as demand grows for more natural products, reduced packaging and concerns are raised about single-use plastics.

Many people also like the ritual and tactile aspect of rolling cigarettes, which for some has the added benefit of reducing consumption.

“Recently, Republic Technologies has focused heavily on environmentally-friendly NPD which exceeds customers needs and expectations, to help maintain brand and category growth.

“The company’s environmentally led NPD includes OCB Virgin Slim Papers and OCB Virgin Slim & Tips and Swan Ultra Slim, the thinnest ever Swan filter, a premium quality product targeting discerning smokers.

“Our OCB Virgin Papers, amongst the fastest-growing papers on the market, offer a unique proposition, appealing to consumers looking for an all-natural paper for a smoother smoke,” he said.

OCB Virgin Slim and Virgin Slim & Tips are both available in a slim vertical box, which Anderson reckons should help retailers to manage space.