Tea that’s fully plastic free

Novus Tea

ENVIRONMENTALLY-conscious consumers can now buy a pack of tea that contains absolutely no plastic.

Specialist tea brand Novus Tea has launched plastic-free packs for 20 of its most popular flavours, including black teas, green teas and herbal teas.

Rather than tea bags, each pack contains 15 individual ‘biodegradable pyramids’ that can be disposed of in food waste bins.

The outer packaging is environmentally friendly too; made up of a wood-pulp bag and a cardboard carton, which can be placed in household recycling bins.

Allan Pirret, sales director of Novus Tea, said: “Premium teas and functional blends are right on-trend at the moment and offer an excellent opportunity for retailers to meet the growing demand with an exciting, innovative brand which is not ubiquitous on the high street and offers a healthy margin”.

The full Novus Tea range is available now to independent retailers.