Slabs lead to sales success

Thorntons premium tablet
The Thorntons Tablets could appeal to shoppers seeking ‘quality over quantity.’

Thorntons launch new premium tablets

THERE has never been more choice in the confectionery category: with sharing bags, single bars, tablets and multipacks just some of the formats that consumers can choose from.

With that in mind, chocolate brand Thorntons has expanded its already extensive portfolio into a new format with the launch of a range of four premium tablets.

Thorntons Tablets are available in four 90g flavours: 70% Dark, Orange Crisp, Caramel Cheesecake and Honeycomb, which all have an RRP of £2.

But what if a retailer is nervous to give up shelf space to such a premium product?

According to Levi Boorer, customer development director at brand owner Ferrero, increased consumer health concerns could actually boost demand for luxury confectionery.

“As part of consumers putting a greater focus on treating as part of a balanced approach to lifestyle choices,” he said, “we have seen some take a ‘quality over quantity’ approach, whereby they favour premium confectionery products over others.

“It is therefore important for retailers to continue to offer a wide range of confectionery products as part of the impulse singles fixture to cater for as many shoppers as possible.

“Even as consumer tastes and habits change, chocolate remains a popular treat, with the industry proving to be very capable at keeping up with, or anticipating, those trends to keep the market in growth.”