Quality coffee set to grow

SPECIALITY coffee is a “strong emerging market” in Scotland, according to coffee roaster firm Lost Sheep Coffee.

Stuart Wilson, managing director of Lost Sheep Coffee, said that there was a rise in the number of consumers looking for higher quality coffee beans for home usage.

“We find that consumers still want the choice between bean, ground coffee and now increasingly, pods too,” he said.

“However, I do think that the quality of the coffee offered is going to have to be significantly improved.”

In addition to stocking quality coffee products on the shelves, Wilson said that consumers may be looking for a higher standard of coffee to go.

“If you’re looking for a self-serve machine, invest in one that uses fresh milk and then use high quality coffee beans inside it to separate yourself from the rest.

“I would recommend looking at the quality of the local coffee shops around your site, use these as the tech mark for the quality of beans you put into your new coffee offering,” he said.

If a retailer was considering investing in a full barista-style setup, Wilson stressed the importance of ensuring staff are trained to a high level.

But if the breadth of options on the market seems confusing, Wilson insisted that small coffee companies could help.

“Most micro roasters will be happy to assist you on choosing the right coffees to fill your shelves,” he said.