Snapping up a plastic trolley solution

SHOPPING trolley supplier Formbar has snapped up the distribution rights for the Polycart range of plastic trolleys.

Polycart plastic trolleys are made from 100% recyclable plastic, which Formbar reckons offers retailers a more compact and lightweight alternative to traditional metal trolleys.

A spokesperson for Formbar commented: “Polycart shopping trolleys may challenge your pereception of trolley design and surprise customers but once shoppers realise how easy they are to push and steer they will load them up with items to purchase and come back to use them again.

“Polycart trolleys have an innovative look, they are distinct and can be produced in corporate colours with branded handles and advertising spaces.

“The different design does not omit the other features expected of a trolley; child seats, bag hooks, coin locks and many other accessories either come as standard or can be easily and inexpensively added.”