UWS goes digital

UWS has improved its digital offer

UNITED Wholesale (Scotland) has been working hard to improve its digital credentials, and the Glasgow-based cash and carry enters 2019 with an improved offer for retailers.

Marketing boss Naeem Khaliq told Scottish Grocer the team at UWS has made great strides by implementing a new online ordering system, launching a consumer focused loyalty and rewards scheme and introducing social media support for its customers.

“The big focus for 2019 will be on IT and technology. We’ve put a lot of investment behind that,” said Khaliq.

The UWS ordering website was built with retailers in mind according to Khaliq, taking feedback from UWS customers into account as well as support from brands including Heineken and Coca-Cola, to ensure the system is as user friendly as possible.

New consumer engagement platform Darius also marks a major digital advance for UWS, with the cash and carry now hoping to drive footfall to stores through the app which offers targeted promotions while also collecting useful data on consumption habits.

UWS symbol retailers can also now offer home delivery through OrderVago, an online ordering platform that lets consumers place for their local store through an app on their phone.