Tapping into tea trends

People drinking green tea
Millenials are turning away from regular tea in search of health boosting brews.

HEALTH conscious millennial consumers are ditching the breakfast brew in favour of wellness teas, according to the founder of National Tea Day.

Marco Geraghty, the man behind the 21 April celebration, made the claim following publication of National Tea Day’s 2019 trend report.

Geragthy said millenials are turning their backs on traditional brews in favour of teas touting health benefits, and are willing to pay a higher price point for these.

Geraghty said: “Millennials have a fundamental difference in their outlook on tea compated to their generational conterparts.

“We already knew millennials were driven by wellness but it’s now clear their purchasing behavior is disrupting the category giving a boost in sales to untraditional tea products which host an array of functional benefits.”

National Tea Day’s full Modern Tea Trends 2019 report is available through the organisation’s website.