A new store for 160th celebrations

Scotmid’s new store proposal

SCOTMID is gearing up to celebrate its 160th anniversary by ringing in 2019 with a new purpose-built convenience store.

Scheduled to open in Drumnadrochit in January 2019, the new store is being built with energy efficiency at its core.

The 4,500 square foot site will feature fully glass fronted facades to maximise natural daylight within the building, and the store’s electric lighting will be made up entirely of LED fittings said to be 50% more energy efficient than traditional systems.

Refrigeration on site will also be controlled by a central plant and run on carbon dioxide rather than HFCs – a major greenhouse gas contributor.

The new cabinets, manufactured by Hauser, are being rolled out as part of a 12-year strategy that will ensure Scotmid complies with EU gas regulations in accordance with the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreement.

Maurissa Fergusson, head of property development at Scotmid said: “We are extremely excited about our new Drumnadrochit store, which represents the future of Scotmid.

“In our anniversary year, this represents another milestone for us in providing convenience stores to match the demands of an ever-changing marketplace and the expectations of our valued members and customer base.”