Unitas board revealed

Big jobs for Scottish wholesale figures

JW Filshill boss Simon Hannah will serve as Unitas deputy chairman.

UNITAS Wholesale – the new buying group formed from the merger of Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Group – has unveiled its board of directors.

Sam Wilcox, managing director of Blakemore Wholesale will take on the role of chairman once the merger is complete, with Simon Hannah, MD of Scottish wholesaler JW Filshill taking on the role of deputy chairman.

Darren Goldney, managing director of Today’s Group will serve as managing director of the newly formed Unitas, while Landmark Wholesale boss John Mills will take the deputy managing director position

Other appointments include Andrew Thewlis finance director of Landmark Wholesale, who will continue to serve in this capacity for the Unitas; Today’s Group trading director John Baines who will continue in this role for the merged entity; and Today’s Group retail director John Kinney, who will continue in this position post-merger.

John Schofield, finance director for Today’s Group has taken the decision to retire from the business in May 2019.

In addition to the executive directors, the new Unitas Wholesale board will include eight member directors from each group, including Amaan Ramzan of United Wholesale Grocers and Asim Sarwar of United Wholesale (Scotland).

The merger of Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Group was given the green light following a vote in which members overwhelmingly backed a joint proposal from both buying groups’ boards.

The two buying groups will trade under the name Unitas Wholesale Ltd following the completion of the deal on 31 October.