Coscutter gets spooky

Costcutter is targeting adult consumers with its 2018 Halloween campaign.

Halloween is on the horizon, and Costcutter Supermarkets Group has unveiled its plans to help retailers make the most of the season by appealing to adults. 

Costcutter’s new Spookily Good Halloween campaign will roll out from early October, with the goal of helping retailers capitalise on the growing popularity of Halloween among those too old for trick or treating.

The campaign will see Costcutter roll out a range of recipe ideas and off-trade offers which the symbol reckons will help retailers take advantage of growth in house parties.

Further support will include in-store POS, consumer leaflets, and social media activity as well as national press advertising. The campaign will also be promoted to retailers via the Group’s ActivHUB retailer portal, through push notifications and a Making the Most of Halloween & Bonfire guide.

Jenny Leetch, brand manager at Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “Halloween gets bigger every year and house parties now rank in the top five activities for Halloween. While we’ve created exceptional offers across confectionery, this year’s campaign is all about the adults.”