Flavour is squeezed in and the sugar left out

JellySqueeze range

HEALTH conscious mums and children with busy lifestyles are the target consumers for the latest innovation from Fruitypot.

JellySqueeze is a no added sugar, squeezable jelly, in a resealable pouch, available in Strawberry and Apple & Blackcurrant flavours.

Managing director Sarah Booth said: “JellySqueeze is made with real fruit juice, has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial colours – plus it is vegan, lactose free and gluten free. 

“A ‘better for you’ grab and go option for children of all ages, even those who suffer from allergies.”

Booth continued: “The latest advice encourages parents to limit children to two snacks at 100 calories each per day.

“Our range of products have been developed to meet consumer demands for health and convenience on the go.”

Fruitypot is a family business specialising in fruit based desserts and snacks.

As well as JellySqueeze, it owns the Fruitypot brand, a range of six single serve pots of fruit in jelly and juice.

Booth said: “Both products are school compliant.

“Packaged in a convenient pot with a spoon, Fruitypot is loved by parents, children and teens.”