Moderate shoppers want treats

EVERYTHING in moderation is a trend in growth, but consumers concentrating on health still want to treat themselves when shopping the wine category.

That’s the view of Andrew Nunney, category, shopper and insights director at Accolade Wines.

Nunney suggested retailers cater to this demand by highlighting more premium products that satisfy treating missions, and may also wish to consider introducing more variety in pack size.

“Retailers should offer different formats that enable them to enjoy wine while retaining control of how much they drink,” he said.

“The sharing occasion is also on the rise and wine on tap, or boxed wine, provides the perfect, stress-free option for catering to large groups, has environmental credentials – which is also a hot topic with consumers at the moment – and ensures no waste.

“Given the current popularity of Echo Falls Fruit Fusions, the 1.5L Echo Falls Summer Berries Wine on Tap would be a wise choice to satisfy this trend.”

Nunney added that retailers would also be wise to focus on low or no alcohol wines such as Echo Falls 0% Sparkling, to cater to those shoppers who want to feel involved in drinking occasions, while cutting down on the alcohol they consume.