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Nielsen reckons inaccurate supply chain data is costing business

DATA specialist Nielsen Brandbank has launched a new service which it reckons will help solve the problem of inaccurate and inconsistent data in the supply chain.

The firm claims the transfer of incorrect data between FMCG product manufacturers, distribution centres, wholesalers and retailers is costing the industry cash, with errors including inaccurate information on size, weight and tax codes for products proving costly.

Nielsen’s new One Case One Place service sees the firm expand its business from business-to-consumer to busniness-to-business logistics, with the goal of standardising data distribution globally.

Mike Nickituk, global managing director at Nielsen Brandbank commented: “Over the years, we’ve managed to pretty much eradicate inaccurate product data in the retailer to consumer-facing part of the industry by creating a highly accurate standardised system that is used by 98% of the sector.

“So, the logical step is to transfer this ability to the business-to-business part which is beset by all kinds of problems including an estimated 80% of product data being wrong.”