Logo ready to go

Vans Direct
The 190 vans in the Vans Direct fleet will be identified by the same livery

WHOLESALER Bestway has revealed the livery for Bestway Vans Direct, its recently launched van sales operation which, it says, services more than 20,000 customers a week.

The Van Sales operation was created following the demise of P&H’s Snacksdirect and Sweetsdirect and is made up of Bestway Snacks with 120 vans and Bestway Sweets with 70 vans.

All of the vehicles will be dressed in the new livery.

Director of van sales, Noel Robinson, said: “Getting the vans back on the road and serving customers was our first priority. 

“We have now been on the road for almost two months and the welcome and support from customers has been truly fantastic. 

“Now, we have a modern identity which will help increase awareness.”

Robinson said  the direct to store operation is vital with retailers receiving fewer visits by suppliers.