Branded treats are baking off

Cadbury muffins

IN-store bakery and retail foodservice firm Country Choice has added some big brands to its new range of thaw and serve topped and filled doughnuts and muffins.

Country Choice’s new collection comprises a 75g Cadbury chocolate doughnut, 67g Cadbury Caramel doughnut and a Cadbury muffin filled with chocolate sauce as well as a new 72g Oreo chocolate doughnut .

Each treat in the new range can be defrosted at room temperature for two to three hours and is shipped in ready to display condition. Country choice is also offering a new twin doughnut tray to promote multiple purchases.

Doughnuts in the new range are available in a case of 48 with a unit price of 66.7p while the muffins are available in cases of 24 at a unit price of £1.25.