Two more towns get their Greens

Latest expansion makes seven for Harris

Greens of Dundee
Greens of Dundee

EROS Retail is at it again with the launch of two new stores, bringing the relatively young firm’s portfolio to a total of seven sites, with the possibility of more on the horizon.

Stores in Coaltown of Balgonie, near Glenrothes, and Dundee both now bear Eros Retail’s ‘Greens’ branding following refurbishments at the sites.

As the firm’s first city centre store, Greens of Dundee represents a landmark move for Eros Retail and director Harris Aslam, who runs the company alongside cousin Raza Rehman, said securing the site was “phenomenal” for the business.

“It’s allowing us to do a lot of stuff we’ve wanted to do previously but that our demographic hasn’t allowed for,” he said.

“The area we’re in is quite a student-heavy part of the city, but there are a lot of international students who aren’t as price conscious, so we’re selling a lot more premium products as well.”

Harris said the different customer profile has already led to some markedly different performances across categories such as frozen, which accounts for around 6% of the Dundee business compared to 1% for Eros Retail’s other sites.

Little Greens of Coaltown of Balgonie are new for Harris Aslam’s Eros Retail
Little Greens of Coaltown of Balgonie are new for Harris Aslam’s Eros Retail

Closer to Eros Retail’s heartlands, the new Little Greens of Coaltown of Balgonie has also enjoyed early success according to Harris, with the store already said to be building up a reputation for food to go.

Commenting on the decision to open two stores in December, Harris said: “There were some efficiencies just because you are able to do some things at the same time, but just managing the whole process in addition to getting our other stores ready for Christmas was absolutely flat out.”

He added that there are no plans to halt expansion at a portfolio of seven stores, with a possibility of rolling out more Greens branded fascia early this year.

“We have a really positive outlook for 2018 despite all the changes in the industry – we’re turning it into an opportunity and looking at how to get our brand across by differentiating ourselves from the competition,” he said.