Boxing clever for the big day

Gifting chocolate sales are on the up

Ferrero Rocher and Celebrations packs
Boxed chocolate grew by 16% last Easter and chocolate gifting was up 7.7%.

GIFTING is a major factor of all spring occasions and the brand owners are constantly bringing out new packs to keep the market growing.

Last year, for example, Mars Chocolate UK says chocolate gifting at Easter grew by 7.7%, adding that it also saw growth mid-season between Valentine’s Day and Easter.

A spokesperson said: “Boxed chocolate grew by 16% last Easter and is proven to bring new buyers into the category.

“As well as the Celebrations range, Mars has a range of boxes available across its brands including Maltesers and M&M’s.”

Ferrero says 73% of shoppers buy boxed chocolates at Easter and advises retailers to stock a selection of seasonal lines alongside year-round favourites.

Customer development director Levi Boorer said that for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Ferrero will promote its 140g Raffaello Heart and Ferrero Rocher Heart in 50g and 125g sizes.

He said: “With 70% of shoppers valuing quality of chocolate over quantity, they are more willing to spend more on premium products.

“At Valentine’s Day, the two hearts combined are worth more than £0.75m and the Rocher Hearts retain the number one seasonal present position amongst shoppers, followed by the Raffaello heart.”