Landmark role for Amaan

Amaan takes on vice chairman job.
Amaan Ramzan

UNITED Wholesale Grocers boss Amaan Ramzan has been elected vice chairman of Landmark Wholesale, making him the youngest-ever wholesaler to take up the position.

Commenting on his new position, Amaan said his goal is to foster an ever-closer partnership between the businesses within Landmark Wholesale, building on the strengths of each individual business to the benefit of the group.

Amaan said: “It is an honour to be named as vice chairman of the group by the Landmark Wholesale team and its respected members.

“Despite being the youngest person to hold this position, I will be bringing new ideas, introducing new technologies and adding more value to a very strong group.

“The wholesale marketplace has been extremely fast paced over the last decade, but in 2017 alone a series of events have taken place which will undoubtedly drastically change the way wholesale businesses operate.

“This is now the time for wholesalers and retailers to work even closer together to maximise as much market share as possible.  I will be working closely alongside Landmark Wholesale managing director John Mills and chairman Sam Wilcox to help suppliers maintain control of their portfolio as well as helping retailers to prepare for the challenges ahead.”