Albert Bartlett back on the box

Scottish firm pushes provenance and heritage in new advertising campaign

ALBERT Bartlett is back on television screens today (6 November) with a new campaign that focuses on the brand’s heritage and provenance.

The new campaign comprises two thirty second ads and two ten second spots covering Albert Bartlett’s fresh brand Rooster potatoes, and frozen brand Homestyle Chips.

Titled ‘Ireland’, the fresh ad focuses on the origins of the Rooster potato in Ireland and highlights the Albert Bartlett’s family business heritage while also providing some quick glimpses of previous ads featuring Michelin starred chefs Michel Roux Jr and Andrew Fairlie.

The frozen ad, ‘Water’, described how Albert Bartlett uses rainwater and spring water to wash its potatoes.

Voiceovers for both ads are provided by Scottish actor and Game of Thrones star Iain Glen.

Michael Jarvis, head of marketing at Albert Bartlett said: “This new approach plays on the emotions and emphasizes our family heritage, passion for quality and care for the environment.

“The mouth-watering product shots demonstrate the versatility of our fresh potatoes and the meticulous care we take over our frozen products.”

The campaign is scheduled to run until 22 December.