Time to crack children’s snacks

THE nut category may not be known for appealing to kids but dried fruit and nut snacking firm Whitworths is looking to change that with the launch of Bright Little Nuts.

Available in three varieties, the new range is aimed at children aged five years and up, as a healthier snacking alternative for youngsters.

The Bright Little Nuts range comprises almond halves, mini cashews, and mini hazelnuts varieties, all of which are available in 20g packs in multipacks of five.

Support for the Bright Little Nuts launch comes in the form of a sampling campaign as well as an interactive website inviting kids to meet the on-pack characters, the Nutwings.

Whitworth marketing director Phil Gowland said: “At Whitworths we’re really excited to unveil this important, first-of-its-kind product to our range.

“There’s a real gap in the market for a snacking product which is packed with good stuff that isn’t boring.”