Knowledge is key to sales

Edinburgh brewer Jo Stewart says a wide range of attractive cans helps create a standout fixture for retailers and help promote craft beer

THERE has never been more choice of beer for UK consumers, with campaign group There’s A Beer For That reporting over 2,000 breweries currently producing 12,000 beers in 140 different styles.

However, programme director David Cunningham said that in a recent survey, 56% of those questioned hadn’t tried a new beer style for at least six months.

He said: “The research also identified some factors that would encourage trial of a new beer style, including information on taste and provenance at point of purchase.”

Jo Stewart of Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh said that product knowledge is vital to strong sales.

“I would advise getting up to speed on beer styles and tutored tastings,” she said.

Seeing a trend for cans, Fallen Brewing has upgraded its capacity

“There are some amazing label and can designs in craft beer so creating a standout display will not be too onerous.

Fallen Brewing in Stirlingshire has recently invested to upgrade its canning line.

Managing director Paul Fallen explained: “We now have an output rate of 900 cans per hour. It is a really exciting time for the category and we are seeing a lot of growth.

“The trend towards canned craft beers makes it possible for stockists to have dedicated can fridges.”