Coca-cola makes recycled packaging pledge

Coke zero sugar big bottle

COCA-COLA has announced plans to double the amount of recycled plastic in its bottles to 50% by 2020.

The move has been announced as part of the company’s new sustainable packaging strategy for Great Britain which will see it aim to recover all of its packaging so more is recycled for re-use and none ends up as litter.

The news has been welcomed by the NFRN. Chief executive Paul Baxter, who attended the launch of the soft drink giant’s new strategy, said: “NFRN members recognise the damage that discarded drinks containers cause to the environment and as responsible retailers feel they have a duty to play a pro-active role in helping to reduce littering and increase recycling rates, which is why we are keen to explore opportunities presented by deposit return schemes (DRS).

“The NFRN is pro-actively engaging with like-minded stakeholders in debate as we want to be central to any industry solutions and to ensure that these will benefit and not hinder independent retailers.”