Growing ambitious

Hancocks plans to double its sales figures over 12 months

Confectionery producer Hancocks has set itself the ambitious target of doubling sales of its Crazy Candy Factory brand over the next 12 months following what it described as a “superb” response from retailers on initial roll-out.

Hancocks is set to bolster its existing Crazy Candy Factory products by introducing 24 new and 38 improved recipes to its portfolio.

As part of Hancocks’ striving for more sales, the firm is set to add to the existing 40 Crazy Candy Factory products by introducing 24 new and 38 improved SKUs to its portfolio on a progressive basis.
Hancocks has also developed a free-standing display unit for retailers which is pre-loaded with 12 of the firm’s top-selling products at prices ranging from 20p to £1 and is available through cash & carries.

In a bid to further engage with consumers, Hancocks has also revamped the Crazy Candy Factory’s website, giving children the opportunity to tour a virtual factory, engage with the animated characters who work there, play games and enter competitions.

A spokesman for Hancocks said: “Developed in house, the Crazy Candy Factory is now recognised by independent retailers as a popular children’s confectionery brand.

“With its value increasing, Hancocks has plans to double it in the next 12 months. Primarily, the brand relaunch will strive for a uniform image. Holding an umbrella over a vast array of existing, new, and improved products, the Crazy Candy Factory range will then have a larger and much wider span reaching into all sectors which will directly contribute to its growth targets.

“By combining new and existing products, the Crazy Candy Factory will have the greatest opportunity for maximising sales.”

Hancocks’ plans to increase its footprint follow on from the acquisition of the firm by confectionery importer and wholesaler Innovative Bites.

Innovative Bites acquired Hancocks Holdings in a move which boosted its sales team to more than 150 and expanded its range to over 7,000 products.

Brands distributed by Innovative Bites in the UK include Twinkies, Warheads and Trolli. The firm launched in 2008.