A lively new morning cuppa

HERBAL tea company Heath and Heather has launched a new range of organic super teas, including one specifically designed to give a boost of morning energy.
Organic Energising Morning Time is described as a lively, fruity infusion that promotes morning vitality with ginseng root and Amazonian guarana.
Other teas in the range are Organic Relaxing Night Time, Organic Supportive Root Remedy, Organic Detoxing Slim Tea and Organic Digestive Support Super Seeds.
Brand and digital manager Lucy McLean said: “Each tea is carefully created by a team of experts, and is designed to unlock the medicinal benefits of herbs, helping to support a natural and healthy lifestyle.
“The range delves into consumers’ desire for more natural, healthy food and, indeed, lifestyles.
“We’ve created an easy way for them to enjoy the therapeutic properties of super foods.”