PayPoint makes EPOS pitch

THE C-STORE industry could be set for major in-store technology competition after payment services giant PayPoint launched its new PayPoint One platform, offering EPOS, card payments and PayPoint services in a single device.

PayPoint says its new system will give retailers real-time insight into their customers. They’ll also be able to manage their business from anywhere using a mobile device linked to its cloud-based back office software.

Shabbir Hussain, of Tara Newsagents, Govan Road, Glasgow with the new PayPoint One combined terminal, which is also pictured right.

It costs £20 a week, with a £15 a week deal available to existing customers.

Dominic Taylor, chief executive at PayPoint said: “We’ve thoroughly tested the new technology, working alongside retailers throughout its development, to ensure that our full service offering meets their current and future needs and that the platform can flex as their businesses grow.”

paypoint-one-image-oct-2016A number of Scottish retailers are already using the new system.

Shabbir Hussain, of Tara Newsagents, Govan Road, Glasgow, said: “It’s not hard to use at all. You get used to it very quickly. We’ve got the option now to do lots of different things with it. It’s very fast, much faster than the old system and you can keep track of everything you’ve done. If you make a mistake it’s very easy to fix it. And you can put through several payments at one time, on one receipt.

Zahid Noreen, of Day-Today Express, Burleigh Street, Glasgow, said: “I have had other EPOS systems, compared to them this is very good. It doesn’t cost much money and maintenance is included.