A place on the shop floor

Put OTC medicines on a fixture on the main shop floor, says Johnson & Johnson.

Is there really a cold and flu season in winter? Well, opinions vary. It looks as if colds may well have similar incidences across the year but that cold dark weather just might make us more aware of them. Flu, however, is much more common in winter months. Its full name “influenza” comes from the Italian term for “influence of cold”. Apparently the cold dry air of winter is great for the survival of the flu virus and winter’s large numbers of people sharing indoor spaces, out of the cold, are great for spreading it.

Either way such viruses aren’t cured by things like antibiotics. Instead symptoms have to be minimised and managed until the virus leaves the body – that’s where winter remedies come in.

Over the counter (OTC) medicines supplier Johnson & Johnson, which has Benylin, Sudafed, Calpol and other big-selling brands in its portfolio, is represented in wholesale and convenience channels by SHS Sales & Marketing UK.

jj-calpol-6-syringe-high-res1SHS commercial director Andrew Freestone said to succeed with winter remedies retailers should stock a core range that offers one or two products from each leading brand in each sub-category.

“There’s no legislation that prohibits displaying medicines in the main store and therefore the key piece of advice is to move medicines from behind the counter,” he said.

“Retailers should look to site their medicines around other non-food, health and beauty fixtures as this is where shoppers will naturally go to look for them,” he added.