Ringing up sweet sales

OF every £1 spent on seasonal treats, 70p is spent on confectionery says Refreshers and Wham brand owner Tangerine Confectionery.

Referring to a Mintel report, Tangerine says the total seasonal treats market at Christmas last year was worth £827m which was up 16% in value since 2010, but down 13% in volume.

Swizzels has created a tube version of its Sweet Treats tub. It contains some of the company’s best-selling sweets including Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollies and Refresher Bars.

Head of marketing Adrian Hipkiss said: “This demonstrates how the market has been affected by increased average prices, indulgence and premiumisation.”

The company has created a range of packs especially for this year’s festive season.

Its new 750g Sweet Champions tub contains a selection of Dip Dab, Refreshers, Sherbet Fountain, Wham, Mojo Chews, Black Jack Chews, Fruit Salad Chews, Frosties and Refresher Softies sweets for an RRP of £5.

Another addition to the range is the Jameson’s luxury chocolate gift carton which includes Raspberry Ruffles and Caramels, aimed at capitalising on the success of the brand which Tangerine says has grown by 7% year on year.

And, calling it the first in the sugar confectionery market, is has introduced a Sweet Champions Selection Box containing six full-sized retro sweets.

£608m – the annual value of fruit confectionery sales in the UK

Hipkiss said: “Our new products will resonate with family occasions and celebrations during what is by far the largest of seasonal occasions.

“The gifting items will be available nationally in a range of grocery, convenience stores and independent retailers.”

Manufacturers have put some of their most popular packs into gift boxes such as the Sweet Champions pack from Tangerine Confectionery.

Festive favourites, top-sellers and new formats are on the Christmas list of Haribo.

New to its seasonal range is the Mega Stars Selection Gift Box. Featuring a label that can be personalised, the box comes in 300g and 600g sizes.

Starmix and Tangfastics have been put into cracker-shaped 120g boxes.

And a limited-edition Starmixmas is being launched with new flavours including eggnog egg, cherry trifle heart, apple strudel bottle, apple strudel and custard rings and gingerbread bears.

Swizzels says its share of kids sugar confectionery sales rose from 11% to 13% over the Christmas period in 2015.

Alongside its Sweet Shop Favourites tin, it has added new products for this year’s festive season.

Drumstick Squashies have been put into a carton and the Drumstick Gift Box has been created containing a selection of Drumstick Squashies, Drumstick Bon Bons, and Drumstick Lollies.

£827m  – the value of the Christmas treats market at Christmas 2015

Valuing the fruit confectionery category at £608m, Wrigley says it is important as Christmas draws closer to think ahead and stock impulse confectionery, which will, it argues, encourage customers to make repeat purchases.

Jon Eatly, Wrigley customer excellence director, stressed the importance of visibility and availability as well as the importance of having stock in place at all the right times through the selling season.

His top tips and recommendations for Christmas confectionery ranging and merchandising include:

“Visibility is key and popular Christmas confectionery items should be located at eye level to take advantage of incremental sales. Your seasonal display should be in place by the end of September.

“Availability is crucial. Remember to re-stock each morning and prior to peak traffic times as customers stock up for the festive season. A fully stocked display will help maximise your profit potential and guarantee repeat visits from customers.

“In order to ensure shoppers are aware of the choice and range on offer, it is important to keep a clear and tidy confectionery display – this will also make restocking easier and quicker.

“Encourage additional purchases using Christmas ‘Big Night In’ promotions as families gather together, with offers including a DVD, Confectionery Pouch, for example, Skittles or Starburst, and a soft drink for a reduced cost.

“And remember that retailers should stock lines to serve the various gifting and sharing occasions for confectionery over different parts of the festive period.

“For example, single-serve treats are often popular before Christmas as shoppers treat themselves while out shopping for gifts, meanwhile sharing bags make great stocking fillers.”