Repackaged for convenience

overhangCONVENIENCE stores were firmly in the thinking of the team behind Overhang when they repackaged the drink they call a natural pick-me-up.

The smaller 250ml bottle has already been taken on by Spar and other chains.

Director of Overhang Drinks William Wilkinson said: “We are excited to be launching our 250ml variant which we feel will open doors to a new cross-section of consumers.

“We have had some great uptake from convenience stores since Overhang was launched last year and this move sets in stone our commitment to the sector.

“The lower price which comes with the smaller bottle should be attractive.”

South-East Asian drinks brand Carabao is bringing its energy drink to the UK.

Carabao will initially be available in Original and Sugar Free variants, with an RRP of £1.19 per can.

The product takes its name from the carabao, the Asian water buffalo said by the firm to be renowned for its physical power, stamina and unbreakable spirit. The can carries the wording “Bring It On”.