Going right at the lights

Weetabix has put “traffic lights” style nutritional information on the front of its packs to help consumers looking to make a healthy choice.

BREAKFAST cereal Weetabix has put its nutritional details on its pack fronts using the new “traffic light” system.

Quoting Shopper’s Voice research, Weetabix says almost seven in 10 people are concerned about the health benefits of cereal and 65% are looking to reduce sugar intake in their diet.

Head of brand at Weetabix Kevin Verbruggen said: “These concerns are being reflected in consumers’ purchasing choices, as higher-sugar cereals face a decline in sales, while Weetabix sales have grown £2m this year to date.”

He continued: “Shoppers tell us that they’re often confused by the wide range of cereals, and the easy-to-read traffic lights make it simpler for health-conscious shoppers to make a quick, informed choice.”

Quaker Oats has gone on TV to launch its Super Goodness range.

The new Super Goodness rage from Quaker Oats comes in two fruit and three grain varieties.

The 20-second ad opens with an image of Quaker Oats in the shape of a heart and closes with the line: “Support your immune system with Quaker’s new Super Goodness range.”

Marketing director Jeremy Gibson said: “The advert focuses on the health benefits of Super Fruits at a time when consumers are increasingly seeking a wholesome, tasty breakfast.”

The Super Goodness range has two Super Fruits and three Super Grains varieties.

Oats brand Moma says it has recorded a 65% increase in sales of its porridge since it made the entire range gluten-free in April 2015.

The latest addition to the Moma range is Raspberry and Coconut Bircher Muesli Mix with quick-soak oats.

Moma founder Tom Mercer said: “This is the brand’s first do-it-yourself Bircher Muesli.

“With 15% of consumers buying gluten-free, there is an appetite for free-from options.”