Investing for a new mix

COCA-COLA European Partners is spending £30m in five years to reformulate existing drinks and introduce new products to meet demand for lower and no-sugar products.

Trade communications manager Amy Burgess said: “Since 2005 we have reformulated 27 of our drinks and everything we sell has a lower or no-sugar option.”

Burgess said the latest step in the strategy was the introduction of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in the summer which was launched with a £10m marketing campaign.

She said: “The campaign encourages consumers to try the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar by highlighting that it tastes more like Coke and looks more like Coke than the original Coca-Cola Zero.

“This move is a deliberate attempt to change the mix of our portfolio between sugar and no-sugar drinks.”

CCEP introduced a new sports cap bottle for its Glacéau smartwater this year and Burgess said: “Bottled water continues to dominate the soft drinks category, as shoppers increasingly make health conscious choices.

“Glacéau smartwater offers an alternative to waters which focus on source.”