C-stores see waters rise

highland-sprinf-sept-16-stylised-close-up-1-5l_still_1AS consumers become increasingly concerned about making  healthy choices they need to be educated on the benefits of hydrating with plain bottled water, according to Highland Spring.

Head of customer marketing Carol Saunders said: “Customers are more aware of the healthy choices they need to make throughout the day, whether it’s part of a balanced breakfast, their lunch box or meal deal and even as a healthy evening refreshment with their dinner.

“Naturally-sourced plain bottled water remains the only drink on shelf that contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.”

Saunders added that in c-stores plain water, consisting of still and sparkling, grew by 10.4% in the year to August 2016 and said: “This popularity is testament to the nature of the convenience sector, where bottles and drinks are often sought after for that immediate hydration.“

She continued: “Convenience stores should look to further exploit this opportunity by stocking in-demand formats such as Highland Spring PET bottles or sports cap bottles .”