Muscling in on health demand

THE biggest Scottish dairy firm Graham’s the Family Dairy says it’s always looking for opportunities to innovate and, with demand for healthier choices in mind, it has recently introduced two new products.

grahams-sept-2016-vanilla-quark4Graham’s Organic Whole Milk was launched in August.

The milk is non-homogenised, meaning it has the “cream on the top” nature of milk likely to be remembered, perhaps fondly, by consumers of a certain age.

But there’s more. The new milk “offers the added bonus of more essential fatty acid Omega 3, as is found in organic dairy,” a spokesperson said. “We had been getting lots of tweets from customers asking us for a product like this, so we responded.”

The second new line, Graham’s Quark, is a soft, spoonable cheese that is naturally fat-free and high in protein.

The spokesperson said: “It is an extremely versatile product that can be eaten on its own or used for cooking and baking a number of sweet and savoury recipes.

“With twice the amount of protein as low-fat yogurt, quark is already popular with slimmers and those who are looking for naturally healthier, low-fat options.”

Graham’s Quark is available in natural and vanilla flavours.

Graham’s sees protein continuing to be in demand from consumers. “High-quality protein products are essential for building muscle and dairy products are a great way to obtain this,” it said.