Adding drinks

DAIRY company Arla’s Icelandic-style yogurt Skyr saw its range extended in the spring when the firm launched Skyr Drinking Yogurts.


The drinks are available in a range of flavours including Mango & Passionfruit and Blueberry & Blackcurrant. The firm says they’re designed for consumers that are eating on the go or having breakfast at their desks.
The fruit-flavoured yogurt drinks, available in 350ml bottles, are, says Arla, made from naturally sourced ingredients which are fat-free and high in protein, and feature 30% less sugar than similar products.
Sam Dolan, senior brand manager at Arla Foods, said: “We were over the moon with Arla Skyr’s performance in 2015. It was a real category success story – we believe consumers are starting to recognise that healthy choices shouldn’t be solely based on low fat and that in fact sugar levels are equally important.”
Arla Foods has also introduced Arla Protein Snack Pots. The 200g pots feature a pack which includes a top section filled with nuts and seeds to be mixed with the flavoured quark and yogurt blend held in the lower section.