Jack’s sauce adds honey

BRITISH barbecuers follow the example of outdoor food fans in America and the next major trend will be smoked barbie food, reckons Heather Soutar, of Baxters, which licenses Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauces in the UK.


“In America this year, smoking is the new way to do outdoor cooking.

“Where America leads, British barbecuers will follow.

“Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce was the original US brand that entered the UK market and is still the number one premium sauce in the category.

“Last year, we added to our range with a Tennessee Honey Glaze, based on the success of the Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey Liqueur.

“Barbecue isn’t a new option and consumer tastes are sophisticated.

“This is why we will continue to add to our range with carefully developed, quality sauces in future rather than flood the fixture with options,” she said.