Bags of potential for big sharing sales

CL Fruit Salad Softies 120g PMP AWTANGERINE Confectionery has re-imagined  some of its most popular brands as Softies.

A spokesperson said: “The Softies range delivers the unique taste experience of Wham, Refreshers and Fruit Salad in an exciting new format, capitalising on the growth of the gum market.”

It has also relaunched Henry Goode soft eating liquorice and Princess Mallows.

The spokesperson said both had undergone extensive consumer testing to target key areas for improvement and after some recipe tweaking, were tested again before they were given the ‘Best Ever’ label.

Bags of confectionery have always been associated with family time and movie nights, the firm argues.  It suggests its wide range of SKUs can help retailers meet growing demand for big-night-in products.

Consumers’ impressions of stores and displays are formed quickly and retailers using point of sale and big-night-in fixtures can influence buying decisions, the company says.