Bestway’s great rebate returns

The Great RebateBestway Wholesale is reintroducing its Great Rebate initiative for customers from April. The scheme, which is now in its second year, aims to increase retail customers’ sales through advanced learning, educating retailers on the latest shopper trends and category insight.
Explaining the rationale behind the scheme, Salih Sheikh, head of marketing, said: “With convenience continuing to grow, independents have to make sure they are getting their fair share of the pie.
“In order to do this they have to offer their customers the right products in the right formats at the right price within the right environment while familiarising themselves with the changing needs of today’s shopper.
“The Great Rebate, through a series of easy to digest monthly category guides, will give them the armoury to go gunning after the multiples and win their local battles.
“I believe that it is part of our responsibility to our customers to provide them with the best possible information and insight to help them succeed. The multiple retailers have extensive data from which to develop their plans. The Great Rebate provides customers with the information to level the playing field.
“Our research shows that many independents are too busy running their shops and have little time to think about store and retail development. The Great Rebate is not about introducing high levels of retail science but simply urges retailers to make simple changes in their outlook and product mix to match shopper needs.
“If shopper needs are being met then there is little inclination for shoppers to go elsewhere. And to reward them for stocking the right range we are offering a minimum of 3% rebate on all the best-sellers to make sure our customers stock the products shoppers are looking for on a regular basis.”

Bestway and Batley customers shared £1.34m in rebates due to the Great Rebate in 2015, a 33% increase on the company’s Core Connect programme in 2014 despite being two months shorter in duration. The company says this demonstrates the high engagement The Great Rebate has with retailers and how much they value the scheme.
Each month customers will be sent two Great Rebate brochures, the first being a category advice booklet giving clear and impartial advice on what products to stock with tips and advice on how to plan categories for maximum sales. The second will be a product-based brochure informing them of the featured lines from which they can earn their 3% rebate.
In addition there will be a Great Rebate Shopping List which will offer customers an additional 1% rebate on products based on additional volume purchases of key lines. For every volume deal purchased from the Great Rebate Shopping List customers will gain entry into a special prize draw to win a brand new Nissan van.
Salih said: “Less than one in five shoppers pick up products on impulse, less than a fifth navigate the store and simply shop at till-point; the average spend in convenience is still only slightly over £6. Convenience has become the channel of choice as shopper patterns and habits change. Retailers have real headroom to increase sales and spend through ensuring constant availability of essential lines, offering value for money and effective management of categories in-store.
“The Great Rebate provides assistance in all three of these areas with Bestway and Batleys refunding 3% of sales on promotional products to encourage greater focus.”
The Great Rebate promotion will begin on 1 April through to the end of September and will benefit from extensive visibility in depots and a multi-media trade communication programme involving digital and trade press activity.