Nakd claims it’s dressing up the category

REFERRING to a Mintel snacking report, Nakd  says 40% of consumers are switching to healthier snacks.

It also reports that with sales amounting to £31m following growth of 56% it is out-performing the total healthier biscuit category which it says is only growing at 1%.

Nakd 7bar_ group_hires

Marketing director Marina Love said: “In 2015, 71% of Nakd’s total brand growth was incremental to the category  when market penetration rose by 38% and the number of existing category shoppers adding Nakd to their repertoire increased by 39%.”

She said recent figures have values sales of ‘free-from’ food products at £0.6bn.

As well as its range of Nakd bars, the brand now features bite-size  Nakd Bits, Infused Raisins and Nakd Nibbles, snacks made of fruit and nuts.