Eliminate cash handling

cash handling

WHEN considering the issue of store security, a review of cash handling and collection is often advised.
The Scottish Safer Business Guide, published last month by SGF, recommends reducing the amount of cash held in tills and changing the routine of banking procedures.
However, one of the surest routes to cutting down on cash-related crime could be to eliminate cash handling by staff all together.
With a smart cash management system, retailers can reduce the risk of attacks and internal theft, and eliminate discrepancies in cash while potentially improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience.
Such solutions are now available in the UK from companies such as the Metric Group.
Its Cashinfinity system is
designed to take cash from customers and dispense change. Its secure interface casette can be taken to the back office and automatic cash recylcer for sorting without exposure. It can also be remotely managed via PC or tablet.
Chris Webb, business development manager at Metric said: “Cashinfinity is the complete solution for retailers who want a secure, intuitive and flexible cash management system.”