Plastic leads to Mars recall

Batches of boxed chocolates Celebrations are among the Mars products being recalled.

MARS Chocolate UK is recalling a number of products produced in the Netherlands after one was found to contain plastic.
The company is recalling batches of Mars Funsize, Milky Way Funsize, Variety Funsize Family Favourites and Party Mix, and Celebrations.
Mars said it had taken the precautionary decision to recall the products after a piece of plastic was found in one of them.
Describing it as “an isolated incident relating to products manufactured in the Netherlands”, Mars said no other varieties of chocolate, pack formats or bar sizes are affected in the UK and no other best before dates or products manufactured at any other location are impacted.
Originally, it was reported by the mainstream media that the recall only affected Germany and the Netherlands, but the scope soon expanded to include a number of other European countries, including the UK.
The news broke shortly before Scottish Grocer went to press, but word seemed to be reaching most Scottish retailers.
Nisa retailer Barry Hanif, of Hanif Superstore in Coatbridge, said he had read the story and had received an email from the NFRN listing the products concerned.
He said none of his own stock had been affected.
Andrew Howell, of Loch Lomond News, said: “I think I first found out about it through Facebook, then I saw it on the Yahoo homepage, so by the time Mars emailed me I’d already been over it twice. Social media’s a great thing.”

Products involved in the Mars chocolate recall are:

Mars Funsize 250g bag, Product Code AV39F
best before date 11/9/2016 – 2/10/2016

Milky Way Funsize 227g bag, Product Code AV39J
best before date 2/10/2016

Variety Funsize Family Favourites, Product Code AV33W
best before date 29/5/2016 – 14/8/2016

Variety Funsize Party Mix, Product Code AV33T
best before date 15/5/2016 – 7/8/2016

Celebrations 388g Product Code AJ46N and Celebrations 245g Product Code AJ46R,
best before date 8/5/2016 – 28 /8/2016

Celebrations 2.5g catering case, Product Code YF413
best before date 7/8/2016 – 14/8/2016