Breakfast thoughts

sh bacon roll Jan 16

THINK Food To Go. Many research studies point to increasing incidence of people breakfasting while commuting or when they reach an office desk. If you do hot food you could have a special breakfast menu that features old favourites, perhaps bundled together with tea, coffee and other drinks in special breakfast meal deals.T

THINK Convenience. Whether it’s for people breakfasting on the bus or simply taking something  away to have later, items like breakfast biscuits, energy bars, breakfast drinks and shakes, and bake-off morning goods can all serve the needs of busy workers or students at the beginning of the day. If you have promotional screens in your store why not highlight convenient breakfast items on screen  in the early morning hours?

THINK Healthy Option. The Scottish Grocers’ Federation Healthy Living Programme  has proved very successful in pushing fruit and vegetables to the fore. But there are many other healthy options and breakfast provides a platform to promote porridge and other oats-based products, low-fat milk, healthy option breads and more.